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Your sincerity and ability to work so seamlessly with the other presenters speaks well of your expertise. The valuable information and thoughtful conversation you provided is important work for these professionals and will be repeated in many settings this week. It was far more than I hoped for; know you made a difference.

Susan Gonzales Crandall, LCSW

Executive Committee Member, Association of Child Development Specialists

​During his in-service for my multi-generation staff, Mike Sherman synthesized huge amounts of the emerging neurobiology to frame a story of development we could all recognize. We enjoyed his pace, filled with anecdotes, theory, and practicum. As a staff, we felt rejuvenated and able to take on existing and new challenges as a cohesive team.

Timothy Craig

Child Development Specialist & Director, Children’s Circle Nursery School

This training and information was fascinating and useful to my work with parents. I really liked Dr. Sherman's style; his pacing, calmness, and how clear and easy he was to understand when communicating challenging concepts. The examples he gave connect the theory to real-life practice.

Mental Health Clinician

Training Attendee

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